Wicked Act 1

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WIZARD: (Xs DC) Won't they make perfect spies?

ELPHABA: Spies?!

WIZARD: You're right, that's a harsh word... how about scouts? That's what they'll be really. They'll fly

around Oz! Reporting any subversive animal activity.

ELPHABA: You can't read this book at all! Can you? That's why you need enemies, and cages, and spies.

You have no real power.

WIZARD: Exactly

[He claps, and waves MONKEYS off. They exit USR and USL]

WIZARD: …that's why I need you. Don't you see? The world is your oyster, now! You have so many...opportunities. You both do.

GLINDA: Thank you, your Ozness.


[She runs off SL.]

GLINDA: Elphie! I am so sorry, your Wizardship. I'll fetch her back! Elphie wait!

[She runs after her SL.]

WIZARD: We must get her back. She knows too much.


[LIGHT CUE # _____ : Rear lights up / silhouetting WIZARD]

[He Xs UC, pulling a device from his coat. He hides behind doors, creating shadow and begins speaking,

again, with a powerful voice.]

WIZARD: Guards, guards!

[GUARDS 1&2 enter SR]

GUARDS: Yes your Ozness!

WIZARD: There is a fugitive loose in the palace! (pointing OSL) Find her, capture her, and bring her to me!

GUARDS: Yes your Ozness!

[SOUND CUE # _____ : WIZARD’s mic off]

[LIGHT CUE # _____ : Blackout]

[Scene 9]

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